Refined Sugar Free Treats for Kids
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ebookREFINED SUGAR FREE TREATS FOR KIDS, my first e book, contains 20 recipes for creating delicious & nutritious child friendly snacks that are made from whole foods and are free of refined sugars.

As a qualified naturopath with 15 + years experience I have treated many clients over the years who were concerned with their general well being, diet and nutrition. It is a field I have always been passionate about. When I became a Mum four years ago, my focus sharpened on the nutritional value of what I was feeding my son.

This blog is a culmination of my professional and “mummy” experience along with my deep interest in matters of health.  The focus however is on what we eat and how we can teach our children that healthy eating is delicious, not a compromise.

Time is of the essence, so with this in mind the recipes are quick and easy and in most cases can be frozen so that healthy, child friendly snacks are always close to hand. The credibility test is the “double thumbs up” which has been received on all 20 recipes from my panel of discerning young taste testers.
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