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February 2018


With only a couple of days left of summer, it's time to make the most of the delicious summer berries and warm weather. What better way to quench your thirst than with this hibiscus iced-tea, jam-packed with anti-oxidants and immune boosting properties.   You can find hibiscus tea in your local grocery

  Free radicals: they sound like an 80s rock cover band but really they’re molecules in our bodies that could be stealing our youthful appearance. Our bodies produce free radicals – unstable reactive molecules with a free electron. Electrons usually exist in pairs so the free radical roam around the body latching onto whatever

Breakfast frittata, it doesn't need to only be eaten at breakfast time it works really well as an afternoon snack or even a dessert after dinner. If you don't have berries in the house then use any fruit you have, it tastes amazing with figs and lemon, banana drizzled with coconut

BEAT THE BLOAT Beat the bloat: There’s nothing good about being bloated: you might feel sluggish or uncomfortable, your clothes may fit awkwardly and you might lack some of your usual confidence. Often, bloating is something that we can have some control over. If you’re ready to take action, here are five

These Valentine's coconut jellies are jam-packed with love. The grass-fed gelatin in the jellies supports gut health, immune system, and collagen production, so they not only taste great they are good for you.  Store any leftover jellies in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week. Valentine's

These lemon and cranberry heart biscuits are sugar -free and gluten free. To make them extra special fill them with some raspberry chia jam, for a sweet Valentine's Day treat.  Click here for the raspberry jam recipe Remember to fill them just before serving so the biscuit doesn't become

My raspberry chia jam is so simple to make and tastes amazing.  I  added lemon rind but vanilla extract tastes amazing, so does cinnamon or rosewater. This jam is all about the raspberries, so it's important to choose great quality berries. If the raspberries aren't in season then it's best

Fruity coconut icy-poles - (dairy-free and sugar-free) I like to have a stash of these icy -poles in the freezer, they are great for an after-school treat and simple to whip up.  For the base I have used coconut yogurt, you could also use coconut cream and top with pureed fruits e.g.

Green Spring Salad I love the freshness of this green spring salad and I am sure you will too. It's simple to put together and is perfect as a lunchbox salad. You can swap the hard-boiled eggs with cannellini beans, chicken or sardines. The Dressing The hero of this dish is the tomato