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I am a trained Naturopath, Kids Yoga Teacher, Wellness Advocate and a lover of good food.

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Rest & Restore is our special formula that’s been used to treat clients in clinical practice for more than 30 years, and gets to the root of what’s preventing our slumber.

Sugar is well known for being a highly addictive substance that is extremely difficult to quit.

The Unwind and Rest pack helps to calm and soothe the nervous system during the day allowing you unwind, de-stress and let go of the day, so you can have a deep restful sleep.

Kids Sleep Tight

"Thank you Milena! My 3 yr old daughter was suffering from night terrors. After using ‘Kids Sleep Tight’ drops she’s sleeping right through the night 💤 "


Kids Sleep Tight

"The Kids Sleep Time formula is a lifesaver! It has been the perfect addition to our little night time routine and I feel like its the thing that has stretched us out from a 4am wake up to a 6:30am wake up. Who knew extra hours could mean so much! Thank you so much!


Sleep Tight & Kids Calm

"This is our second order of Sleep Tight & Kids Calm. Both products have proven to be extremely effective in helping our 8 year old to settle quickly & to fall asleep, which had always been a challenge for him. Thank you Orange Pantry, you have helped us with a difficult part of our day."


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