I am Milena.
Welcome to The Orange Pantry.


“When a culinary creative rush hits me, I have no choice but to get straight into the kitchen. It’ll be 2am and I’ll be scrambling through the pantry trying not to make a peep!”

Good food is the greatest gift we can give to our mind and body. As a trained naturopath, kids yoga teacher and a devoted mum, I have a passion for healthy living and nutrition. I believe that better food choices improve quality of life; mood, sleep, happiness and overall energy levels are heightened by a wholesome diet.

The Orange Pantry is a culmination of my professional and ‘mummy’ experience, written with passion, free from jargon and politics and filled with honest information. I focus on the ways we can teach our children that healthy eating is delicious, not a compromise. With an active six-year-old on my hands, I’ve picked up a heap of tips and tricks that I want to share with other time-poor mums. But I’m not here to preach. My son, pushes me to my culinary limits all the time – trust me, I know how challenging cooking for kids can be.

I don’t advocate one particular diet over another, nor do I have extreme rules about food and eating. I use fresh, wholesome ingredients in my cooking: what I like to think of as wholefoods. Wholefoods are those that are as close to their natural state when they’re ready to eat: foods that don’t require processing through a factory before they reach your kitchen. I use seasonal ingredients, locally-produced where possible. I love a good farmers’ market and a trip to my local health food store gives me the same rush as buying new shoes!

I realise how hard it can be to source online recipes when you have specific dietary requirements – I know I’ve spent hours searching for lactose or dairy-free substitutions. The recipes at the Orange Pantry have been classified into subgroups such as gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and vegetarian to make life that little bit easier.

Why orange? It signifies creativity, fun, strength, vitality and transformation – all the qualities that are important in life!


lover of whole foods & founder of The Orange Pantry.

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