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  Paleo coconut fruit tarts These Paleo coconut fruit tarts are so easy to make - they are great to have on hand for an after-school snack or the 3pm sweet treat.  The sweet pastry for the base is in Pete Evan’s "Family food" recipe book.  I added a little bit of  lemon rind,

Cauliflower soup Simple, delicious and tasty - this is one of those recipes I make again and again!. I don't use stock in the recipe - the leek, herbs and spices give the soup plenty of flavour.  Lightly toasting the cumin seeds and then crushing them in a mortar and pestle releases

Anzac Biscuits - gluten-free Anzac biscuits are one of our favorite biscuits and it's tradition in our house to have a big bake before Anzac day, so we can sit and watch the Anzac day parade with a nice cuppa and some Anzac biscuits. These are made with gluten-free flour BUT they do

  Combating Cravings Before They Strike  For many of us, cravings are the hardest part of avoiding certain foods. It’s hard to say no to that little burst of sugar that promises to get you through to school pick-up, or that shiny soft drink can that will make your afternoon meeting more manageable. Thankfully,

Golden Milk This golden milk latte is perfect to share with friends or to enjoy every morning in place of your usual cup of coffee. Healthy and yummy – what more could you want! Golden Milk   Save Print Prep time 2 mins

Is your child a fussy eater? When I was pregnant with my son, I had an image of all the incredibly healthy meals I would prepare for him and how he would devour them with such joy. Nothing prepared me for the reality of the situation, throwing vegetables half way across

   8 signs you may have a zinc deficiency Often overlooked, this nutrient has many important functions when it comes to our bodies Zinc assists with: Healthy immune function – zinc deficiency may impair proper immune function making you more susceptible to infections Vision, taste and smell – poor taste and smell has

Vegan Chocolate Bark I love all things chocolate especially homemade vegan chocolate treats, that's also nutritious  I used "Loving Earth" dark chocolate for this, feel free to use any vegan dark chocolate you like. If the chocolate  is anything less than 70%  dark chocolate, halve the amount of sweetener. This is

Vegan White Chocolate Bark (sugar-free) With Easter just around the corner, I have been busy making this vegan-friendly white chocolate bark it's delicious and nutritious! It also makes a gorgeous gift.   The macadamia nut butter adds a really creamy texture to the bark, you could also use cashew nut butter or any

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