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In our fast-paced modern world, it’s not uncommon to see a return to ancient remedies. Our ancestors existed in a world of nature, where there was little that didn’t come from the earth.

They discovered the power of plants, the therapy of flowers, and it’s not surprising to see flower essences become one of the most powerful herbal medicines used today.

Created using the flowering part of a plant, flower essences are powerful infusions. They are only the essence of the flower; they do not contain any physical part of the flower, such as grinded leaves or extracted oils. The essence of the flower, its vibration, is extremely powerful in restoring the body, mind and spirit.

Each flower serves a different purpose and there isn’t a one size fits all approach. You will find yourself drawn to the flower that fulfills the need you have in that moment, whether that’s stress-relief, anxiety support or help to grieve.

One of the most comforting parts of flower essences is that they are extremely safe. In the absence of dyes, oils and additives, you can be confident that they won’t interfere with any of your prescribed medication or cause you any negative side effects. In fact, they are so gentle that they are perfect for children. I’ve used homeopathic formulas to help tackle growing pains, night terrors and school-time anxiety in my son.

Studying flower essences and homeopathics is my passion. I’ve been fortunate enough to be mentored by Mark Wells, highly respected practitioner, author and lecturer in natural therapies. Mentors have been a huge part of my journey and that’s one of the reasons why I am so devoted to being a mentor for my clients.

The formulas I create have each been handmade with love and backed by science and research. I use high-quality, sustainably sourced products. Each flower and homeopathic formula has a different vibration and a different energy – they are picked with purpose and no matter what you are going through, there will be a flower essence that can support you.