Meet Our Panel of Discerning Taste Testers

It’s a jungle out there

Ask any parent, fussy eaters are so extremely challenging.  Meal time can feel like a war zone and you are usually the one that comes out worse off, wounded and fallen but knowing you must continue to fight the fight. Exhausting. They say a child has to see a carrot 20 times before they try it right? Deep breaths.

Unfortunately there is no magic wand but a little trickery doesn’t go astray from time to time.  Children often reject new food based simply on the look of it – so – dress it up a little or better still disguise it altogether.  Case in point, my homemade chicken stock with egg and watercress.  Down the hatch it goes.  Ah the satisfaction of knowing little Johnny has a tummy full of goodness before heading off into childcare wilderness!

The proof of the pudding | It’s in the tasting!

All jokes aside, to provide you, our reader, with a little assurance and quite frankly, provide ourselves with a stamp of credibility, we have assembled a panel of discerning young taste testers. Meet them below. My new recipes are wheeled out in front of these small people and if I get the thumbs up, smiles and eating and cries of more! from of all participants then that recipe (god bless it) gets “child friendly” certification. Something like the heart foundation tick of approval (or not, but you get the point).

Meet the panel

380X380_kidGarcia | Age 5
Loves trains, watermelon & going out for baby cino.
Hates leafy greens.
Loves Milena’s kale & lavender chips.



Taste_tester_04Kurtis | Age 4
Loves star wars, icy poles & making tee pees.
Hates brocoli.
Loves Milena’s banana bread.



Taste_tester_03Alaska | Age 10
Loves singing, baking and creating accessories for barbie.  Incredibly creative.
Hates mint slices.
Loves Milena’s homemade sugar free nutella.



Taste_tester_01Shambae | Age 12
Loves photography, ice cream and being in nature.
Hates seafood.
Loves Milena’s paleo chocolate brownie.

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