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Bodyguard – Immune Booster


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Bodyguard- Immune Booster

Building Strength Within

Negative State: Overly susceptible to infection, Compromised Immune System, Feeling Vulnerable, Low Energy, Susceptible to Colds and Flus
Positive Outcome: Strengthened Natural Immunity, More Confident, Increased Vitality and Wellbeing, Feeling Better


It’s better to prevent than to cure, or so the saying goes, which means giving your immune system the best shot at warding off any threats that might come it’s way. Not to mention the added anxiety and uncertainty about how to process the changing environment. Our new product, Bodyguard, combines homeopathics and flower essences to support natural immunity and a positive mindset, putting you in the best position to overcome any obstacles.
The flower essences we’ve chosen provide an ‘energetic shield’ and fortify the immune system.

YES (Yarrow Environmental Solution) is a combination of five flower essences that helps build renewed resistance and guard against future contagions, while Garlic boosts both immunity and positivity.

Bodyguard is like a shield you can use to move from a negative to a positive mindset while giving your immune system the vital boost it needs to offer dynamic resistance to today’s uncertainties. The risk of infection is a genuine concern but with a personal Bodyguard in your pocket, you can face things head-on.

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  1. Tanya

    This mix of essences has been great for me. I haven’t had me usual “annual cold” this season. Thank you The Orange Pantry. And it tastes good too. 😊

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Homeopathic Medicines:

Aconite – first ‘rapid response’ defence, and confidence ‘in the face of infection’
Allium Cepa  – upper respiratory protection, and allergy, sensitivity and immune support
Anas barbariae  – flu symptomatic relief and prevention; immune support
Apis  – protects against acute allergic/sensitivity reactions. A ‘natural cortisone’ (as it is regarded by many French homeopaths)
Ars Alb  – immune protection especially for respiratory tract: calms intense (and unfounded) fears around becoming infected (and the consequences)
Calc Phos – essential cell renewing and building component. Fortifies and protects at a cellular level.
Chamomile – calms reactivity to environment. Natural anti-inflammatory
Echinacea  – strengthens natural immunity
Euphrasia – upper respiratory immune protection; improves the mucous membrane integrity, part of our first line of (immune) defense.
Ferrum Phos – facilitates first stage of defence against infection. Drives resolution of inflammation
Gelsemium  – allows infection/inflammation resolution to proceed when there is resistance by the body or mind
Hepar Sulph  – improves the integrity of all mucous membranes in the body – an integral part of our defense of infection.
Kali Mur  – protects against infection and/or hastens resolution of the second stage of infection, the inflammatory/catarrhal stage (clear to white)
Pulsatilla  – strengthening resilience on all level of our being; a tonic for the immune system
Sambucus  – protects against and/or resolves upper respiratory infection; tones mucous membranes in the area.

Flower Essences:
YES (FES) – an ‘energetic shield’ – personal protection and natural immunity on all levels; each flower essence in this combination of five are used to heal past effects of trauma on a dynamic level, build renewed resistance and guard against future environmental contagion

Garlic (FES) – strengthens immune protection on all levels of our being; dynamic resistance, secure immunity, positivity



Take 12 drops, 4 times daily before meals and at bedtime, or 12 drops every two hours at the first sign of infection. Always take at least 5 minutes before or after eating or cleaning teeth to guarantee efficient absorption in the mouth.