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Chill out for boys





Negative State: Irritability, Moodiness, Aggressiveness, Sibling rivalry, Teariness, Tendency to withdraw, Lacking confidence, Overly peer-group influenced, Hormonally related issues.

Positive State: Emotionally and Physically balanced

There’s a lot going on in the minds and bodies of teenage boys. Huge periods of growth and hormone surges can leave them struggling to cope, which is why we’ve formulated this special formula just for boys.

Our safe and natural blend of homeopathic ingredients and flower essences in CHILL OUT has been used in clinical practice to help teenage boys through this transformative period, allowing them to get on with negotiating their place in the world.

Our CHILL OUT formula uses Chamomile and Nux Vomica to reduce irritability, Mag Phos and Passiflora for physical and emotional calm. Sunflower and Tiger Lily flower essences work to improve confidence and co-operation.

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Agnus Castus – Hormonal balance

Calc Phos – ‘Calming’ especially during growth ‘spurts’

Chamomile Complex – More even moods; less irritability

Colocynthis Complex – Less irritability; tempering anger outbursts

Gelsemium Complex – Anticipatory anxiety; especially calming after a shock or trauma

Mag Phos– Calming physical and nervous tension

Nux Vomica Complex – Less irritability and ‘agro’; tempering anger outbursts; less instant gratification required – patience

Passiflora – Calming nerve tonic

Pulsatilla Complex – Hormonal and emotional balance; especially helpful for ‘teariness’

Flower Essences:

Sunflower (FES) – Helps a person connect with their inner authority and so establish a better relationship with outer authority; less influenced by peer group pressure, being true to self – a ‘spiritual’ leader amongst a group

Tiger Lily (FES) – Helps develop a greater capacity for cooperation, with more of a ‘win/win’ (we can all win here!) attitude.



Dosage: Take 12 drops 4x daily

Ideally: Always take dosage at least 5 minutes away from food (and cleaning teeth) to guarantee absorption in the mouth.