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Chill Out for Girls





A teenage essential to create emotional and physical balance

Negative State: Irritability, Moodiness, Aggressiveness, Sibling Rivalry, Teariness, Tendency to withdraw, Lacking confidence, Overly peer group influenced, Hormonally related issues

Positive State: Emotionally  and Physically Balanced


CHILL OUT  has been successfully used in clinical practice to help teenage girls with issues such as all those hormones, peer pressure and the roll ercoaster of emotions that can derail daily activities. This safe and natural blend of homeopathic ingredients and flower essences focuses on taking the sting out of being a teenage girl.

We’ve used Angus Castus and Colocynthis to help PMS symptoms. Helionas, Pulsatilla and Sepia for emotional balance. The flower essences of Fuschia and pomegranate work to alleviate hyper-emotional reactions and create confidence.

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Agnus Castus– Menstrual regulation and PMS ease

Chamomile Complex – More even moods; less irritability

Colocynthis Complex – Less irritability; pre-menstrual cramping ease

Helonias Dioica – Emotional and hormonal balance

Hyascamus – Emotional balance

Ignatia Complex – Emotional balance; helps to ‘let go’; especially helpful after shock or loss.

Nux Vomica Complex – Less irritability and ‘agro’; tempering anger outbursts; less instant gratification required – patience

Pulsatilla Complex – Hormonal and emotional balance; especially helpful for ‘teariness’

Sepia Complex – Hormonal and emotional balance; menstrual regulation; especially helpful for the ‘puberty blues’

Flower Essences:

Fuchsia (FES) – genuine emotional expression – less hyper-emotional reactions (especially relating to hormonal influence) and more even disposition

Pomegranate (FES) – self-assured as a woman in the world – feeling confident, creatively expressed, appreciated



Dosage: Take 12 drops 4x daily

Ideally: Always take dosage at least 5 minutes away from food (and cleaning teeth) to guarantee efficient absorption in the mouth