Kids Calm and Collected



Kids Calm and Collected – helping kids feel confident and calm, naturally.

It’s fair to say all parents want their kids to be happy, so when they’re having a bad day and feeling anxious, restless, aggressive or nervous, it’s only natural to want to hit the reset button. However, sometimes kids need a bit more than a hug, which is why we’ve formulated Kids Calm & Collected. The soothing combination of homeopathics and flower essences helps kids focus and return to a state of calm. We’ve included chamomile and Mag Phos to help ease nervous tension, dill and Passiflora flower essences to help calm an overactive mind and Avena Sativa to nourish and support the nervous system and balance energy.

With Kids Calm & Collected in your bag of tricks, happy days can be here to stay.


Avena sativa 3X, Chamomile complex (6c,12c,30c), Colocynthis complex (6c,12c,30c), Nux vomica complex (6c,12c,30c), Calcium phosphate 6X, Mag Phos 6X, Passiflora incarnate 3X, Pulsatilla complex “ “, Zinc Valerian 6X, Chamomile (FES), Dill (FES), Indian Pink (FES)


Baby (3mths to 2 yrs) – 6 drops 4 times daily or 6 drops every 15 minutes for 3 doses

Child (2 yrs to 15yrs) – 12 drops 4 times daily or 12 drops every 15 minutes for 3 doses

Take at least 5 minutes before or after food to guarantee absorption. When possible, prevent your child from sucking on the dropper to ensure the formula keeps its potency.


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