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Kids Calm and Sleep bundle


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Kids Calm and Sleep Bundle

Bedtime is often the stuff of nightmares – tantrums, refusals and kids awake until all hours… We feel your pain (and have experienced it first-hand), which is why we’ve created Kids Calm and Kids Sleep formulas to help make bedtime a pleasant experience. Individually they’re great, but use them together and you’ll be enjoying a cuppa on the couch in no time! The safe and gentle blend of homeopathic and flower essences is designed to quieten busy little minds, dial down anxious thoughts, and help kids enjoy a restful sleep.

Kids Calm and Collected: It’s fair to say all parents want their kids to be happy, so when they’re having a bad day and feeling anxious, restless, aggressive or nervous, it’s only natural to want to hit the reset button. However, sometimes kids need a bit more than a hug, which is why we’ve formulated Kids Calm & Collected. The soothing combination of homeopathics and flower essences helps kids focus and return to a state of calm. We’ve included chamomile and Mag Phos to help ease nervous tension. Dill and Passiflora flower essences to help calm an overactive mind. Avena Sativa to nourish and support the nervous system and balance energy.

Kids Sleep Tight: There’s nothing more important than a good night’s sleep, especially for our little ones, but sometimes they need some help getting there. Kids Sleep Tight offers a gentle nudge to the land of nod with a special blend of lavender flower essences that creates a safe and peaceful space for mind and body. With Sleep Tight, your child will be less likely to fight the urge to sleep or experience night terrors, and have a better chance of getting a full night’s sleep.

If your child is anxious, nervous, overstimulated, restless or overtired, Sleep Tight can help them feel settled. When our children don’t sleep well, neither do we, which makes Sleep Tight the best remedy for the whole family.



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  1. Anissa Griffiths

    This is our second order of Sleep Tight & Kids Calm. Both products have proven to be extremely effective in helping our 8 year old to settle quickly & to fall asleep, which had always been a challenge for him. Thank you Orange Pantry, you have helped us with a difficult part of our day.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

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