Rest and Restore a natural sleep formula

Rest and Restore- a bedtime routine essential




Negative State: Unable to fall asleep, Mentally over-stimulated, Anxious, Over-sensitive, Over-tired, Restless, Waking, Night terrors

Positive State: Feeling Safe and Secure, Relaxing and letting go, Unwinding, Peaceful Sleep, Sweet Dreams.

Sleep is one of those things that we not only need, but at times also crave. A good night’s sleep does more than prepare us for the next day, it sets us up for positive health and wellbeing. So, when sleep eludes us it’s both frustrating and detrimental to our health.

Rest & Restore is our special formula that’s been used to treat clients in clinical practice for more than 30 years, and gets to the root of what’s preventing our slumber. We’ve used Passiflora to help with insomnia, Coffea for restlessness. The flower essence Crowea (Aus) helps to let go of the day’s events and relax.


Aconite: helps calm after sudden shock/trauma, or ease nervousness about what is happening tomorrow (any ‘stage fright’), and/or ease ‘night terrors’.
Avena – is a nerve tonic to calm and help create a feeling of well-being.
Chamomile – helps ease irritability, hyper-sensitivity and nervous related digestive complaints. It helps lessen moodiness, creating a more even disposition.
Coffea  – helps ease nervousness and restlessness, toning down hyper-vigilance.
Gelsemium – is helpful for apprehension/dread (anticipatory anxiety), agitational anxiety, and emotional over-excitement.
Hyoscamus – helps ease anxiety and fears (of the dark, of being alone, etc.)
Ignatia – helps stabalise changeable moods (often internalised) and calm emotional
and mental sensitivity, especially after a shock.

Mag Phos – is the best natural remedy for nervous and physical tension; calms, relaxes and helps ‘let go’ (and ‘fall’ asleep).
Nux Vomica – is helpful for the following – irritability, impatience, short-temperedness, nervous tension, being mentally over-stimulated and over-sensitivity.

Passiflora – has a quieting/calming effect on the nervous system; it can help with insomnia
and promote a better-quality sleep.
Flower Essences:
Crowea (Aus) – helps ease that feeling of “Is there something I have forgotten or haven’t
done?” It helps you let go and let it be.
Dill (FES) – helps you UNWIND when the day has left you ‘buzzing’ and ‘all wired up’.
Lavender (FES) – also helps you unwind, de-stress and ‘let go’ of the day (especially thinking
about work).
St John’s Wort (FES) – helps when you feel too ‘open’ and effected by a light, slight noises, calming your over-sensitivity and allowing a peaceful transition into a restful slumber.


Take Goodnight (15 drops) 30 mins before and at bedtime.


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