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Sugar Stop Drops




Sugar  Stop

Helps relieve sugar cravings naturally

Negative State: Constant need for pick-me-ups, Sugar Cravings, uninspired, Unsatisfied.

Positive State: Emotionally balanced, Able to tap into Natural Energy and Inspiration, Fulfilled, Able to make Conscious Food Choices.


Sugar is well known for being a highly addictive substance that is extremely difficult to quit. Withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, mood swings and fatigue, not to mention the ongoing cravings, can leave you feeling trapped in a cycle where sugar has the upper hand. That’s why we’ve formulated Sugar Stop to help ease the burden on your willpower and enable you to tackle the emotional and physical symptoms of quitting sugar.

The ingredients in Sugar Stop have been carefully selected. Our mixture of homeopathics will not only reduce the side effects associated with sugar withdrawals but will also improve your overall wellbeing.

With a mixture of safe and natural, self-soothing homeopathics including gelsenium and jambul which help with moderate anxiety and stabilise sugar levels. Sugar Stop is your best defense against the sweet stuff hiding in your cupboard. For more support with overcoming sugar cravings check out our ‘Mind Over Menu’ mindful eating eBook

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Kali Phos* “One of the greatest nerve remedies”; for “overwork, irritability and worry”

Mag Phos “The great anti-spasmodic remedy; for any “cramping, tension, shaking, nervous spasm, neuralgic pains”; for any “bloating, colic, full sensation” in the gut. It is specific for easing craving, especially for sugar

Nux Vom- It is helpful for the following – irritability, short-temper, nervousness & over-sensitivity; ill-effects of over-use of stimulants (coffee, alcohol, tobacco, etc.); to help detoxify the system.

Chamomilla – It is  helpful  for the  following-  irritability  & moodiness,  hypersensitivity, the ill-effects of over-use of coffee, tea & other stimulants, and nervous related digestive complaints

Avena Nutrient for the brain and nervous system”; for “nervous exhaustion and the ill effects of substance abuse (especially alcohol)”; it can help with insomnia & nervous headache

Passiflora- It “has a quieting effect on the nervous system”; it can help with insomnia and “produces normal sleep”

Gelsemium It “centres its action upon the nervous system” and is helpful for the following – apprehension, general anxiety, “emotional excitement, fear…”; congestive and tension headaches; nervous trembling, shaking, fatigue, etc.

Ignatia It is helpful for the following – “nervous temperament …. changeable mood”, emotional and mental hypersensitivity. It is emotionally calming.

 Flower Essences:

Apricot – to ease and understand your cravings

Chamomile – to ease craving and raise calm awareness

Sagebrush – to let go of old habits

Morning Glory – to break free of addictive habits, especially for pick-me-ups or ‘sugar hits’

Self-Heal – for self-belief inability to break habits



Dosage: Take 10 drops 4 X Daily before meals and once before bed.

For Cravings: 10 drops every 15 minutes for 3 doses when you have sugar cravings.

Ideally: Always take dosage at least 5 minutes away from food to guarantee absorption.