Unwind and breathe a ntural remedy for stress and anxiety

Unwind and Breathe- a natural remedy to help relieve stress and anxiety



Unwind and Breathe

Negative State: Confusion, Busy mind, Highly-Strung, Worry, Feeling Rushed, Irritable, Overwhelm, Restless,  Distracted

Positive State: At-Ease, Relaxed, Focussed, Calmness, Mental Clarity

Being an adult can be hard and, let’s face it, not always fun. Our busy modern lifestyle has set us up for all sorts of assaults on the system, which can leave us feeling strung out and depleted.

Our unique Unwind & Breathe formula has been used to treat clients in clinical practice for more than 30 years, and works to relieve a range of symptoms brought on by our hectic, modern lifestyle and bring us back to our centre.

We’ve used homeopathic ingredients including Avena Sativa and Calc Phos to soothe the nervous system, Gelsemium and Argent Nit to target anxiety. The flower essences Dandelion, Nectarine and Zinnia add an extra layer of assurance that everything will be okay.


Avena Sativa  – a nerve tonic to calm and help create a feeling of well-being.
Argent Nit Complex – – helps relieve anxiety, apprehension/dread, fear or fright
and nervous excitability.
Calc Phos  – combines well with Mag Phos to help calm and soothe the nervous system.
Chamomile Complex – helps ease irritability, hypersensitivity and nervous related digestive complaints. It helps lessen moodiness, creating a more even disposition.
Coffea – helps ease nervousness and restlessness, toning down hyper-vigilance.
Colocynthis Complex – is helpful for the following – irritability, short-temperedness, nervousness, and the after-effects of suffering an indignity or humiliation.
Gelsemium Complex – is helpful for apprehension/dread (anticipatory anxiety),
agitational anxiety, and emotional over-excitement.
Mag Phos – It combines well with Calc Phos to help calm and soothe the nervous system.
Nux Vomica – is helpful for the following – irritability, impatience, short-temperedness, nervous tension & over-sensitivity.
Passiflora incarnate – has a quieting/calming (and ultimately tonifying) effect on the nervous
Pulsatilla Complex – eases ‘teary’ moodiness and emotional over-excitability.
Zinc Valerian – helps calm and ease hyper-activity and restlessness

Flower Essences:
Dandelion (FES) – helps ease nervous tension and obsessiveness.
Indian Pink (FES) – helps you remain calm amidst lots of stimulation and activity.
Nectarine (FES) – helps you ‘let go’ and trust ‘it will be all OK.’
Zinnia (FES) – It helps you take a break from ‘trying so hard’, to ‘smell the roses’ and have some
FUN, not always taking life so seriously!


Take 12 drops 4x daily (before meals and at bed) or 12 drops every 5 mins for 3 doses
Ideally: Always take dosage at least 5 minutes away from food (or cleaning teeth) to guarantee the best
absorption in the mouth.


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