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Christmas Bliss Balls

Surviving Christmas and all its sugary traps.

Christmas Bliss Balls

Christmas Bliss Balls


With the end of the year fast approaching it’s easy to lose control of your eating. All those good habits you worked hard at making during the year go out the window in place of long lunches, events, catch ups and many, many drinks.

The endless socialising and scramble to get everything done before the holiday shut down can leave you feeling depleted and exhausted. It’s easy to grab a quick, sugary fix and overload on stimulants to artificially boost energy levels, but that usually backfires.

So, what’s the answer? In my experience, the key to overcoming these types of hurdles is with good old preparation – for your mind, body and pantry.



Here are a few tips to help support you in looking after your health so you can make the most of your holidays

Eat some protein before an event.

This stabilises blood sugar levels and makes you feel full. Easy protein sources are: nuts, nut butter, protein powder in a smoothie or shake, a hard-boiled egg or sugar-free yogurt.

Stay hydrated.

It’s easy to confuse thirst with hunger, which is why when we’re tired we tend to reach for coffee instead of water. As good as that caffeine hit might be, it leads to dehydration and triggers cravings for salty and sugary foods. To keep your water levels up throughout the day, drink nourishing herbal teas such as green tea, Kukicha tea (which is great at supporting the nervous system and alkalising the body), ginger tea (for a little kick and digestive support) or just plain water.

Eat veggies and protein first.

Look for the veggie platter, the mini quiches, the chicken skewers… When you’ve eaten protein or healthy fats, it only takes five minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that it’s getting a fix, which helps prevent overeating. On the other hand, refined carbs, fried foods and salty foods take 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain

Stop when you’re full.

Seriously, step away from the buffet or just say ‘no’ to that plate of food doing the rounds. If it’s a sit-down dinner, don’t overload your plate, put your fork down after each mouthful and take a moment to see how you’re feeling. When you feel full stop eating. You can always eat a little more later on.

Think before you eat.

Ask yourself if you’re physically hungry or if there’s an emotional reason behind your eating. Christmas can be a stressful time and with so much food and drink readily available, it’s easy to eat for the wrong reasons.

If you need some guidance through the silly season, check out our Mind Over Menu e-book. It’s filled with heaps of tips to help you get your head in the game.

Or if you prefer your help in liquid form, consider our Sugar Stop homeopathic drops. We’ve formulated this specially to stop sugar cravings in their tracks.

Happy holidays!