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We've all tried to quit sugar once, twice or even five times before. It's tough! So, we've created the Sugar Stop bundle, to support you in finally quitting sugar for good. Sugar Stop Sugar is well known for being highly addictive and difficult to quit, often creating withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Headaches,

  UNDERSTANDING BETTER YOUR HIGHLY SENSITIVE CHILD (by Mark Wells BSc.ND.MSocSc.) The Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) will process information and reflect on it more deeply. And if a child notices so much more at once, he/she will naturally become more easily over-stimulated (and at times overwhelmed) when things become more intense, complex, chaotic

  Flower Essences for kids- a simple guide! Flower essences come in a bottled, liquid form and are taken orally a few drops at a time. They are completely naturally derived, extremely safe and made directly from specially selected flowers. There is NO possibility of

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